Meet the Team

  • Ghislain Noël

    Ghislain Noël

    Languages Spoken: French & English

    Ghislain Noël is a Real Estate Broker and International Lawyer with over 10 years of experience helping investors thrive and families grow their portfolio in multiple real estate markets including the UAE. We believe in offering a personal and professional touch to all clients as to ensure not only that our clients’ investment goals are reached, but also that unnecessary stress is avoided, regardless of the type of real estate transaction being contemplated.

  • Barron Wade Jones

    Barron Wade Jones

    Meet Barron Wade Jones, a real estate professional with a rich history of success in the industry. With roots in America and extensive experience in Dubai, Barron has facilitated millions in property transactions. Through his leadership and commitment to excellence, Barron has established Nobar Realty LLC as a premier destination for those seeking a classier and more elevated experience in the world of real estate and personal investing. His expertise and dedication make him a go-to resource for global and local real estate needs.