10-Year Golden Visa

Live, do business, and invest in UAE

Long-term residency for you and your family

What is Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa was introduced in 2019 as an opportunity for expatriates to apply for long-term residence visas. The UAE Government’s aim was to attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs, highly-qualified managers, and other talents for further development of the Emirates.


Benefits of Golden Visa

Your backup plan for a stable economy, high-living standards, and secure business environment. Let’s see what you can get

Long-term residency
The UAE Golden Visa offers extended residency for 10 years, providing stability for you and your family.

No need for frequent entry
Unlike other visas, the Golden Visa doesn't necessitate frequent entry into the UAE to maintain residency, offering you freedom and flexibility.

Family sponsorship
You can sponsor your family members so that you all can stay united and enjoy time together. Your domestic helpers and other personnel can be also sponsored under your visa.

Access to quality healthcare
Access to the UAE's world-class healthcare system is granted, ensuring top-tier medical services and facilities.

Education benefits
Get access to excellent education facilities, ensuring high-quality education for your children.

Tax advantages
Embrace the tax advantages, including exemptions from personal income tax, inheritance, and capital gains tax.

Bank accounts with online access
Open accounts in esteemed UAE banks, maintain deposits in major currencies, make international payments without any geographical limitations accessing your accounts online.

Who can apply for Golden Visa?

Golden visa awaits you if you are one of those lucky persons

  • Property owner

    Buy real estate property worth at least AED 2,000,000. It can be one or several lots. Husband and wife can participate in one property. You can even take a mortgage with a 50% down payment and purchase off-plan properties with the completion level not less than 50%.

    14,500 AED

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  • 2,000,000 AED investor

    Invest AED 2,000,000 in a UAE bank or bonds without using borrowed money. Provide proof of investment in a UAE-accredited fund or a valid commercial/industrial license with a capital of AED 2 million.

    9,990 AED

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  • Manager in UAE company

    If you are a manager in a UAE company, check how much your salary is! If it is at least 30,000, you can apply for a Golden Visa. You will also need a bachelor degree certificate attested in UAE MOFA, equivalence certificate, 6 months bank statement, and already existing UAE employment visa.

    9,990 AED

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How to apply for Golden Visa?

Follow these steps to obtain your Golden Visa quickly and without hassle


No. The Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa that is renewed every ten years upon meeting the eligibility criteria.

Key benefits include 10-year residency, no restrictions on the period of stay in the UAE during the year, and access to healthcare and education facilities.

Eligible individuals include investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers, and outstanding students.

There are no specific age restrictions for the Golden Visa.

Processing times vary but typically take 3-14 working days after all documents are prepared.

The cost of the UAE Golden Visa varies depending on the visa category and application type.